React Native app development

React Native unites the most powerful attributes of native development and React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for developing user interfaces. Develop applications for Android, iOS, Web, and UWP.

Flexible and scalable – you can adapt React Native as much, or as little as you need. Boost your exposure and distribution. Invigorate your marketing efforts and interactions and learn from your users with a better understanding of user data.

All it takes is writing out the code. Once that’s deployed, it can operate on both iOS and Android applications. Whether you look to build the next news aggregator, ride-sharing system, or anything mobile-worthy, it’s no matter which direction you take. With React Native, you will make the right choice.



React Native Consulting

True React Native experts don’t write code right from the start. Firstly, it’s crucial to understand the product idea and requirements. We thoroughly study the details clients share to come up with a clear strategy on how to move forward. To meet business goals and deadlines.

React Native Development & Design

We run a team of talented and result-oriented designers who create truly engaging products. With not just sexy look but also top-notch UX. The finished design doesn’t mean the ‘finished’ product, right? So, once we make sure that every piece of the design looks.

Custom mobile solutions

Template-based apps that bring 0 value — this is absolutely NOT what we want to deliver. Why? Because users never get back to such products. Instead, we build highly customized cross-platform apps that alleviate real pain points. Mature JS libraries help us achieve that.

React Native Migration

Mobile app technologies are like fashion trends: ones are outdated, the other ones are trendy. React Native is something more than just a trend. It’s battle-tested, and hence, definitely worth migrating to. So, why not use this framework to update an existing product and give it the native feel?

MVP for Mobile Startups

If you want to build MVP, React Native is the best choice. Why? Because the MVP stage is mainly about testing the unknowns. Rather than guessing about what platform targets prefer using, it’s better to speed up the development process and simultaneously develop both Android and iOS apps.

Support and Maintenance

The moment when you release the product doesn’t mean that care and control aren’t needed anymore. To make sure that all bugs are fixed (apps are never bug-free) and the product properly works, we provide post-launch support and maintenance.

Why React Native Development Services?

As today’s modern-day technology, React Native mobile app development has carved a niche for itself by providing optimum speed, user interface, and competence, with a cost-effective approach. Certain evident advantages to highlight its popularity are:

  • Utilization of same UI blocks as in regular iOS / Android apps
  • The seamless combination with components in Java, Swift, and Objective-C
  • Easy to build a portion of an app in React Native and some using native code
  • Supports cross-platform development working seamlessly with Android / iOS
  • Because of the huge library of React components, faster build of apps
  • Component-based assembly builds more agile method to development
  • Faster speed, receptiveness, and agility of mobile/web app development

Why Choose Ayvak for 'React Native Development'?

Time and Cost Effectiveness

With our skilled developers having an ability of reusing components, there is lot of saving on time and money.

Client Centric Focus

We ensure a completely customer centric focused approach and ensure quality gets delivered to our clients.

Varied Engagement Models

We have a variety of hiring models that can be confirmed based on what is most suitable for the project.