Java Development

Java is a highly secured, reliable, flexible and scalable platform for application development. Trusted and proven over the years, Java is an object oriented and class based language. It is a convenient platform for modern enterprise application development and requires minimum dependency for seamless integration. A huge successful global customer base and a remarkable track record differentiate Java from its peers. Applications developed on Java technology offer excellent returns on investment, while the platform offers a fast, secure and reliable environment.

Java offers platform for development of applications which are architecture neutral. This comes as a boon to the developer community as it enables them to run their code in any environment. Applications developed on Java are robust, secure, high performance and easily portable. This has made Java famous across the globe and the heartthrob for the developer fraternity.


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Interesting Libraries and Frameworks

Below are some interesting and noteworthy libraries, frameworks and open source projects that play an important part of java developers life these days.

Big Data Technology in Java

Java is still the leading language for big data analytics and map-reduce development. The two key open source projects to learn big data technology are listed below


Hadoop is still leading framework in big data computing technology. Map reduce development in java is very popular due to good support from apache.


Apache Spark is very popular big data computing framework that can run on top of Hadoop, Hbase, Mesos or Cassandra. It is used due to faster development and better performance. It supports Java and many existing java developers like to use it for writing efficient MapReduce jobs.

Why Choose Ayvak For Java Development?

Domain Expertise

Our team of Java developers has the needed in-depth knowledge and relevant expertise towards offering the high-end Java development solutions.

Expert Team

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced Java developers having years of extensive experience in handling various Java-based projects of varying complexity.

On-time, Cost-Effective

We value the time and budget constraints of our clients and thus, offer cost-friendly, prompt Java development solutions.

What is Java used for?

Before I go ahead with this, let me brief you about why you should choose Java. It is highly popular and has dominated this field from early 2000’s till the present 2020.

Some of the applications are listed below:

  • Stock market
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Information Technology
  • Android
  • Financial services
  • Scientific and Research Community